Harp Lounge @ The Carnegie Court Hotel

The Guinness pint pouring ritual is an experience that is much loved by consumers and now Guinness drinkers at The Harp Bar can learn how to pour a pint like a master! The Harp Bar have recently launching the hugely popular “Pour your own Pint Experience“. This is a brand new concept introduced by Guinness in only a select number of pubs throughout the country, which allows customers to be their own barman for the night. The main feature is the interactive nature where customers can pour their own pint of Guinness or Carlsberg at special serving tables complete with taps and customer seating.

Traditional Irish Music can be enjoyed every Sunday from 8pm - 12.30am.

North Street, Sword.
T: + 353 1 8404384
F: + 353 1 8404505
E:  info@carnegiecourt.com
W: www.carnegiecourt.com

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