Malahide Castle & Gardens

The ornamental gardens adjoining Malahide Castle cover an area of about 22 acres and were largely created by Lord Milo Talbot. He was an enthusiastic plant collector who brought specimens from around the world to create the gardens here; he also re-landscaped the grounds to dramatic effect. 

In all there are in excess of 5000 difference species and varieties of plants present. The gardens are best described as a small Botanic garden. In addition to the abundance of flora the exhibition presents fascinating stories about the gardens, Milo and Rose and the wonderful world of southern hemisphere plants.

To tour the Walled Gardens visitor simply follow the information panels in the garden and learn about the Victorian Greenhouse, the Old Rose Garden, the Peach House, the Alpine Yard, the Pond and much more. 

Visitors can also explore research material in the Discovery Room. This room is used as a peaceful 'Reading & Resources' room, featuring books and research material gathered by local community and gardening groups. It is also be used for meetings and small events, and features the beautiful illustrations by Margaret Stones from ‘The Endemic Flora of Tasmania’ (financing this book is regarded as Lord Talbot’s greatest contribution to botany!)

This room is used by schools and other groups for activities and events. It is an important community resource and can also be used for temporary displays and exhibitions by the community.  Research material relating to gardens and gardening, which has been generated by the community, is  also housed here and can be made available for research purposes

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