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Balrothery Castle was an administrative centre for the Norman's, which accounts for its present name, Baile na Ridire (Town of the Knights). The Knights of Fingal used to attend meetings in Balrothery to discuss land and Church disputes. Balrothery Village became the centre of the great Barony of Balrothery, which covered most of North Fingal. All that remains now is a small intact vaulted tower-house. 

Howth Castle is said to be the third castle on the site, the oldest part, including the keep and gate tower, dates from about the mid-15th century. Through the centuries there have been various additions and alterations. A ruined chapel, originally used as a private place of worship for the family, is found adjacent to the castle, and this served as the local protestant church during the 18th century. The castle is the private home of the St Lawrence family but the famous rhododendron gardens are open to the public.

Bremore Castle's story began in the 6th Century with St. Molaga who built a church here. In 1535, James Barnewall built a castle at the site. The castle and church are currently being restored by Fingal County Council and FAS.

Baldungan Castle & Church. At the top of a hill overlooking Loughshinny stands the ruins of a Medieval church which is said to have been originally built by the Knights Templar. There was also a castle on the site which was sacked in June 1642 during the Confederacy Wars when two of the towers were blown up. The castle was never repaired and over the intervening years fell gradually into ruins, very little of which now exists.

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