Natural Heritage


Fingal Dublin has a rich natural heritage. This includes the coast and islands which are home to a variety of important habitats and species. Sites such as Baldoyle Bay, Rogerstown Estuary and Lambay Island are, among other things, important for their bird life. The coastline, coastal towns and villages of Fingal Dublin are also areas of high landscape quality and amenity value. The countryside is home to many habitats including hedgerows and trees, woodlands, grasslands, rivers, streams and wetlands. Fingal Dublin also has many areas of high quality landscape including the coast, the Liffey Valley and other river valleys, Howth Head, and the Naul Hills area.

Our natural heritage is protected in a variety of ways. A range of sites which are important are being designated under national and EU legislation. Under the Wildlife Acts 1976 and 2000, there are a range of designations including Natural Heritage Areas (NHA) which conserve species and habitats of national importance and sites of geological interest. Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) are being designated to protect and conserve habitats and species which are considered of special importance in the EU. Special Protection Areas (SPA) have been designated for the protection of birds. The designation of SACs and SPAs fulfils Ireland’s obligations

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